FASHION DESIGNER: Michael Kale Profile

While most children dream of becoming doctors, lawyers and veterinarians, Michael Kale wanted to be a fashion designer. Today the Toronto native has seen his dream turn into reality as an innovative designer who is quickly becoming one of our hottest exports to the fashion world.

Michael Kale studied fashion at London’s Central Saint Martin’s before working in one of the fashion capitols of the world, Milan. There he built his skill and eye for details before returning to North America to create his own collection. For his first jaunt, Mikhael Kale collaborated on a fashion line with FLARE fashion editor Rita Liefhebber. Their Kale.lief+Hebber line was an almost immediate success. In 2007, the fashion designer went solo and has been moving forward ever since.

Michael Kale is known for his edgy and modern designs. His garments are often described as sleek and sexy. Kale does not design with a type of buyer in mind; instead the designer chooses to believe that “Every woman is a Michael Kale woman.” He says he is inspired by all of the women of the world, so anyone can find a Michael Kale design to suit them.

Michael Kale became an internationally known fashion designer when Bayonne wore his designs while promoting her I am… Sasha Fierce album. He has also made fans of fashion forward celebrities who aren’t afraid of the edgier side of fashion including singer Ciara and Jennifer Lopez.

Mikhael Kale’s Spring/Summer 2010 line is filled with mini dresses of all colours and styles. Most, if not all of the dresses, are made out of a number of different fabrics giving the dresses textures and detailing. Whether it is straps, fringe or an interesting new cut these Mikhael Kale dresses will never be called boring.

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