The Best Web and Graphic Design Color Scheme Tools

Anyone who works on websites frequently knows, one of the first steps in developing a new web design layout, logo, branding item, etc. is to choose a color scheme.
Choosing a color scheme is vital to the success of any design. Absolutely VITAL. Don’t believe me? Let us use a horrible example to demonstrate how badly a BAD color scheme can ruin any web design:
BAD Color Scheme Example
Well, there are many tools available out there to find the best color scheme for your projects. Even artists need some inspiration! So, here are my top picks
Web 2.0 Color Palette
The Web 2.0 color palette, these tools is awesome, and I use it all the time. But, it is limited only offering a particular number of colors, which of course demonstrates the Web 2.0 philosophy of simplicity. But, for those of us who dare to venture outside the box once in a while…
Online Color Schemer
This website has been around for a while, but they have recently revamped! It is totally awesome, for lack of a better phrase, and definitely stands up to some of the newest color scheme tools out there.
They also have a library that I’ve utilized more than a few times already on projects, it’s a really beautiful library of color schemes and I suggest everyone take a look:
Color Scheme Library
Also, don’t forget to download their FREE color pix download. What are the color pix? It is this cool little light weight square dialog box that lets you run your mouse over ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING on your screen and the color pix will choose that color and give you the specs for it….AWESOME! 🙂
Color Blender Tool
This tool is truly amazing, and is probably the only one I’ve seen of its kind. You can take two colors CMYK values, choose up to ten “midpoints” and the tool will automatically calculate a nice gradual progression of colors in between the two you chose. It’s great when you’re designing a website and want some kind of gradual gradient to display with blocks, or if you’re in flash and need to change something from one color to the next. It’s also good if you’re looking for additional colors in your color scheme.
Hope this color tools helped, I always use some kind of online color tool when beginning any project. If for no other reason than to get some inspiration, ideas and feedback during the planning stage of any website.